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A tour to San Jose de Payamino will allow you to see real life of an indigenous Amazonian community, working to conserve some of the finest primary lowland rainforest in Ecuador.

Tours can be made to measure depending on your requirements, but we normally would recommend a 6night/7day tour. We can run tours with a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 12, and can be organised solely to visit the Payamino or to include a number of other incredible destinations in Ecuador. Our tours include local community guides alongside international experts in tropical ecology.

A typical tour runs as follows:

Day 1: Pick up in Coca in the morning, stock up with supplies and then take a dug-out canoe up river to the Payamino Project Research Station. Arrive mid afternoon and enjoy your first wash in the Rio Payamino!

Day 2: Enjoy an amazing welcome in the Payamino village. You'll be shown traditional dances, how to make Chicha and turn your hand to some local basket weaving.

Day 3: Leave the Research Station and head another hour up river by canoe. Trek for an hour into beautiful primary rainforest to your second home in the Payamino - Paccha Huasi. Relax and enjoy swimming underneath the pounding waterfall.

Day 4: Enjoy walks deep into the jungle with our specially trained local Payamino guides.

Day 5: Return from Paccha Huasi to the Research Station, visiting local houses and looking around a modern day Payamino jungle garden.

Day 6: A real treat is in store as we start early to climb Armadillo Mountain - a highly important spiritual landmark in the Payamino which affords incredible views of the whole territory. The day will finish joining local children jumping into the river for an energetic swim!

Day 7: Pack up early and get back in the canoe to leave Payamino and head back to Coca for connecting travel out of the Jungle.

The Payamino Project works with the community to ensure that they benefit from the ecotours directly. As well each tourist contributing $10 per day to the community 'minga' we employ and train local community members as guides, porters. The Project has built two cabins in the territory, the first a large Research Station utilised by the Universities of Glasgow and Manchester amongst others. We also have a smaller cabin further into the forest, situated above the stunning 'Chambira' Waterfall.

If you are interested in visiting the Payamino for a unique and truly memorable ecotour please contact us.


Payamino Territory Armadillo Mountain

On the Rio Payamino

Vine swinging! Traditional Payamino Dance

Water Jumping

An Aalborg Zoo Ecotour group in Payamino