We aim to protect the Payamino environment:

1. Preserve existing jungle 2. Understand + promote the bio-diversity of Payamino 3. Promote good animal welfare 4. Ensure the jungle’s future.

We aim to support the development of the Payamino community:

1. Support Education of all ages 2. Improve health of all ages 3. Protect and give value back to Culture 4. Skills training for sustainability in the modern world 5. Find and develop sustainable economic alternatives – i.e. eco-tourism and handicraft sales.

We aim to increase project recognition:

1. Working with Zoos, Universities and Museums 2. Partnerships and sponsorships 3. Getting the message across

We aim to manage the project:

1. Securing Funding 2. Managing and minimising Risks 3. Reporting to all involved

We will nurture and promote bio-diversity.  

We encourage and welcome Links with other projects and communities and the sharing experiences i.e. a 2 way - networking approach

We encourage and welcome the dissemination of information.




We Respect and Value:

  • The community’s culture, way of life, traditions, ideas and views.
  • What is current in the community e.g community dignity and pride - wish to enhancing this feeling.
  • All contributions, donations by all who get involved (e.g. volunteers).
  • What gets developed in the future by us or the community.

We are Non Exploitative. This value is behind everything we do, plan to do or enable to happen, whether it affects the community, environment or individuals.

We aim, encourage + welcome community ownership and involvement:

  • Giving them understanding of what we are proposing/doing – enabling them to participate so that they end up driving the whole project.
  • Community involvement i.e. a local participant in all activities to allow skills transfer).
  • Community are involved in the decision making process supported by appropriate expertise and outside knowledge which allows them to make informed choices.

We care about this environment:

  • Sustainable Development: Concept of sustainability fundamental to approach on any activity (social / economic / environmental) e.g.
  • Try to be Carbon neutral, work towards a local economy base for the future, use resources sustainably, minimise pollution (local and international), consider global context to what we do (i.e. international travel + global warming predictions). Consider “Embodied energy” (i.e. make  life cycle analysis of what you are doing e.g. transportation/quarrying/processing of workers or tourists).